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woman with ankle pain seeing doctor

When is a Total Ankle Replacement Recommended?

Dr. Nicholas A. Wessling Dr. Nicholas A. Wessling

Arthritis and other issues can cause ankle pain and reduced mobility, interfering with your ability to perform your daily activities. If conservative treatments such as medication and bracing have failed, you may have reached the point where you want to pursue other...

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doctor meeting with patient

Diagnosis & Treatment Options for Periprosthetic Joint Infections

A periprosthetic joint infection is one of the most challenging complications after hip or knee arthroplasty. Delaying treatment can lead to impaired joint function, among other serious complications...

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people running

Treatment Options for Common Running Injuries

Dr. Sergai N. DeLaMora Dr. Sergai N. DeLaMora

Running may be a great form of exercise, but like any other sport, it can put a lot of stress and strain on your body. If you’re a serious runner, the last thing you want is for injuries to keep you from running. And if you do experience an injury, you’ll want to get ..

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woman suffering from wrist pain

Best Treatments for Hand Ligament Injuries

Dr. Steven J. Lee Dr. Steven J. Lee

Ligaments are tough pieces of connective tissue that join one bone to another. Ligaments are attached on either side of a joint, strengthening and stabilizing it by limiting excess motion of the bones. Injuries to ligaments are very common.

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person suffering from knee pain

How Do HA Joint Injections for Knee Pain Work?

If you have osteoarthritis of the knee or another knee condition that causes pain and stiffness, an injection of hyaluronic acid is a treatment option that may provide relief. This type of injection helps lubricate the joint so that it works more smoothly...

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woman suffering from knee pain

The Facts About Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

STEPHEN J. NICHOLAS, M.D. Dr. Stephen J. Nicholas

Knee arthroscopy is a commonly performed surgical procedure in which the inside of the joint is visualized with the aid of a small camera. This gives the surgeon a clear view of the entire joint, helping to both diagnose and treat knee problems in a minimally...

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woman in need of Anterior Hip Replacement

Am I A Candidate for Anterior Hip Replacement?

Traditional total hip replacement surgery is a major undertaking that can involve significant trauma to the soft tissue surrounding the joint and a substantial recovery time. A newer option called anterior hip replacement surgery is a tissue-sparing alternative to...

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complex spine disorders

Treatment Options for Complex Spinal Disorders in NYC

Complex spinal disorders are just that—complex. They consist of conditions involving instability of the spine, both with and without compression of the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots. Spinal disorders may also include instability due to fractures, tumors, infect ...

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runner with hip & knee replacement

Complications of Hip & Knee Replacement

All surgeries, no matter how simple, carry the risk of complications, and knee or hip replacement surgeries are no different. Complications after these procedures can be caused by a faulty implant or can be the result of the surgery itself, and repairing a failed ...

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physiatrist with volleyball player patient

Latest Nonsurgical Treatments for Sports Injuries and Overuse Injuries

In some ways, athletes are very different from the general population. They may be stronger, faster, tougher or more agile—they take every day attributes a step further. But in other ways, they’re no different than everyone else. Injuries, for example, heal the same...

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