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Diagnosis and Repair of Torn ACL Injuries in NYC

Dr. Benjamin B. Bedford Dr. Benjamin B. Bedford Dr. Teo Mendez Dr. Matthew (Teo) Mendez-Zfass Dr. Gregory Galano Dr. Gregory Galano Matthew Gotlin, M.D. NY Orthopedics Dr. Matthew Gotlin Sameh Elguizaoui MD Dr. Sameh Elguizaoui Dr. Nicholas A. Wessling Dr. Nicholas A. Wessling Dr. Steven J. Lee Dr. Steven J. Lee Dr. Sergai N. DeLaMora Dr. Sergai N. DeLaMora STEPHEN J. NICHOLAS, M.D. Dr. Stephen J. Nicholas

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of several ligaments that make up the complex framework supporting and stabilizing the knee. Any traumatic injury involving a direct impact to the knee can result in an ACL rupture. However, most ACL tears are non-contact ...

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hip reconstruction

Hip Reconstruction Following a Hip Fracture or Traumatic Hip Injury

Dr. Yevgeniy A. Korshunov Dr. Yevgeniy A. Korshunov

A hip fracture is a serious injury that occurs when there is a break in one of the hip bones, usually occurring in the upper part of the femur or in the pelvic bone. When a fracture or other traumatic hip injury occurs, it can result in significant pain and limited...

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woman holding knee in pain

What’s Involved with a Knee Meniscectomy for a Torn Meniscus?

Dr. Sergai N. DeLaMora Dr. Sergai N. DeLaMora

A meniscus tear—an injury to the cartilage lining the knee joint—is a common knee injury that affects more than 200,000 Americans each year. The meniscus is a thick pad of cartilage that acts as a “shock absorber” for the knee. It helps to stabilize and cushion the ...

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Man holding his back in pain

Minimally Invasive Pain Treatments (Pain Injections) for Back Pain

Dr. Christopher F.X. Riegler Dr. Christopher F.X. Riegler

Back pain affects millions of Americans. It’s a problem bigger than mere discomfort; for many people, back pain interferes with their day-to-day activities and affects their quality of life. If you’re one of the millions who do suffer from back pain, you know how ...

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man in need of Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

The Advantages of Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Dr. Teo Mendez Dr. Matthew (Teo) Mendez-Zfass

When a hip injury or condition is severe enough and conservative treatments fail to produce successful outcomes, it may require a surgical repair. Hip surgery once involved a large, open incision and a significant recovery time. Today, however, many hip problems can ...

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Rear view of young woman suffering from severe neck ache

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Options in Manhattan

Dr. Firas M. Chamas, Spine Surgeon Dr. Firas M. Chamas

Today, advances in spine surgery mean more treatment options for patients dealing with various spine conditions. With minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques, patients enjoy a number of benefits, including smaller incisions, reduced risk of complications and ...

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tommy john surgery

What to Know When Considering Tommy John Surgery in NYC

Dr. Steven J. Lee Dr. Steven J. Lee

Ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries occur due to repetitive stress on the inside of the elbow, resulting in ligament deterioration or tearing. With the popularity of overhead sports – particularly baseball – and the year-round intensive training involved with ...

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woman runner hold her sports injured knee

Latest Cartilage Repair Treatments for Knee Injuries in NYC

The knee experiences a tremendous amount of stress on a daily basis. It bears the weight of the entire body and is integral to many everyday activities including walking, running, jumping and more. To function properly—that is, for the surfaces of the bones that make...

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arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

An Overview of Shoulder Arthroscopy (Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery)

STEPHEN J. NICHOLAS, M.D. Dr. Stephen J. Nicholas

When a shoulder injury or condition is severe enough, surgical repair may be necessary to correct the problem. In years past, shoulder surgery was a complex procedure that involved a large incision and a significant recovery time. Today, however, many conditions are ...

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