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Am I A Candidate for Anterior Hip Replacement?

Traditional total hip replacement surgery is a major undertaking that can involve significant trauma to the soft tissue surrounding the joint and a substantial recovery time. A newer option called anterior hip replacement surgery is a tissue-sparing alternative to conventional surgery. It offers less post-surgical pain, a faster recovery time, and better joint mobility following surgery because, unlike traditional hip replacement surgery, it spares the muscle tissue. An anterior hip replacement allows the surgeon to work between the muscles and tendons, without detaching them from their anchors on the hip or thighbone.


What’s involved with an anterior hip replacement?

In an anterior hip replacement procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision on the front of the leg (the anterior side) rather than the back (the posterior side); the latter is the approach used in traditional hip replacement surgery. This allows Dr. Rodriguez to access the joint by separating the muscles and moving them out of the way in most patients, rather than cutting them routinely, and reattaching them once the joint has been replaced.

Because there is less damage to the muscles, this generally results in a shorter hospital stay and a swifter recovery. There are still precautions patients must take in order to prevent complications (such as injury from excess activity) following surgery, though there are typically fewer complications that arise after surgery with the anterior approach than with traditional surgery.


Who is a candidate for anterior hip replacement?

Anterior approach hip replacement is one of the least invasive surgical options when a hip replacement is necessary. Many people suffering from arthritis, hip pain, stiffness and limited hip movement may now be able to choose minimally invasive surgery for their joint replacement. While this type of hip replacement surgery is not the best option for everyone, the first step to determining whether you are a candidate is to have a consultation with Dr. Jose Rodriguez.


What are the advantages of anterior hip replacement?

Unlike patients who have undergone traditional hip arthroplasty, those who opt for anterior hip replacement are usually instructed to use their hip normally after surgery. There are no burdensome restrictions on mobility or activity. Patients can immediately use the hip, allowing it to bear their full weight (so long as it’s not uncomfortable) and are allowed to bend it freely. This facilitates a more rapid return to normal range of motion and function, and a faster resumption of normal daily activities.


Where can I find anterior hip replacement surgery in NYC?

NY Orthopedics’ team of fellowship-trained physicians covers the full spectrum of orthopedic specialties at our multiple practice locations throughout the New York City metropolitan area. To learn more about anterior hip replacement and whether you are a candidate, schedule a consultation today.

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