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Patient Testimonials

patellar tendon

Dr. Elguizaoui & his staff at New York Orthopedics are a cut above the rest. The staff was welcoming and polite. They were also extremely professional. I'm a 44-year-old man who has a very active lifestyle with a wife and two kids who enjoys the outdoors and sports. I ruptured my patella tendon playing soccer with my daughter in my left knee and at my age, I felt that I will not be able to return to my old self. Dr. E explained to me what exactly to expect during and after surgery. He made me feel comfortable during our consultation he also answered all my questions. Thanks to Dr. E and his team I'm back to my old self better than before and back on the soccer field with my daughter. If your looking for a knowledgeable sport orthopedic doctor who genuinely cares this is the doctor.

Thank You Dr. E.

- Ramon M.
doctor inspecting back pain

I have known Dr. Nicholas for many years. I approached him about lower back pain and he asked me to see his colleague Dr. David Matusz. Dr. Matusz examined and diagnosed me and put me on a comprehensive program which involved treatment from Dr. Chris Riegler and a physical therapist along with medication. Dr. Riegler gave me 3 or 4 injections. He obviously hit the right spot because I have been pain-free ever since. Many thanks to Drs. Nicholas, Matusz and Riegler. They are the best team in New York.

- Mark J.
knee surgery testimonial

Dr. Bedford,
I want to make sure you know how much I appreciate the fantastic work you did on my knee revisions.  Actually, “revision” doesn’t say it; on my full knee replacements. 
My story began with a disastrous outcome from an original bilateral knee replacement 14 months ago with another surgeon, to the dramatic recovery I am now experiencing from your work.  Both of my knees are far better now than at any time during the postoperative period after the initial replacement, and it’s a huge relief.  I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have knee pain the rest of my life, I know now that will not be the case and that there can be a happy ending to this story. 
My appreciation for your professional approach, revision planning and execution are hard for me to express.  "Amazing" and "life-changing" come to mind but don’t seem to be compelling enough to describe what you have done for me. 
If there is ever an opportunity for me to share my experience with others, please let me know, I would be happy to do so. Although it hardly seems to express my full gratitude, I’ll end by saying the only thing that makes sense…  Thank you.

- Raymond B.
caring doctor with patient

While I thanked you (Dr. Bedford) in person after my arthroscopic surgery, I wanted to also write to you and your team about how well cared for I was, beginning with the initial exam by you. I saw and felt immediately your compassion and your knowledge, which you were able to explain clearly. You also took your time answering all my questions.

At first I thought it would be a real pain to have to go to other locations for some of my tests, but everything was so close-by and so well co-ordinated timewise, that I was greatly relieved. At those places as well, for the MRI, the pre-op physical and the chest xray, the staff was very efficient and friendly, which helped diminish the stress of going through the entire process.

Then surgery morning I had a very caring experience with you and your team at Surgicare, again being very knowledge, careful and friendly. This care was also extended to my son, who accompanied me there. He felt as calm as one can feel in that situation, because everyone communicated with him during the pre-op procedure and throughout the steps of my surgery, reassuring him with good information at each step of my procedure. That meant so much to me and to him, which is why I included the ‘selfie’ of us, which he took while I'm inside the heat blanket warming up while the anesthesia was wearing off.

My sister used to be a surgical nurse, and she was so impressed by what I just described. She kept saying: “It’s fantastic how quickly and thoroughly things are moving forward.”

Presently I’m on day two of post-op feeling quite good! This morning I got great follow-up phone calls from your office as well as Surgicare. Of course it’s the professional thing to do, but not all places follow through this way, and the compassion that is inherent in that act gives one confidence that all is well and that there is support if needed.

- Roberta B.
Male anatomy of human organs in x-ray view

I had a torn meniscus in my right knee. Dr. Sergai DeLaMora did arthroscopic surgery on it and I walked out walking better than when I walked in with just using a cane. Afterward he gave me a series of injections which all but eliminated my pain. That was 3 years ago and I've been playing softball, hockey and basketball and I'm 55 years old. I can't thank him enough.

- Richard A.
Rod Gilbert testimonial

To my friend Steve Nicholas – I recalled that when your dad and I met I had suffered a neck injury and had to go to Lenox Hill for traction ordered by the great James Nicholas. I felt privileged because I befriended many former patients at that time, including Joe Namath, Willis Reed, Tucker Fredrickson and many Jets players. Dr. James Nicholas’ immense skills were matched by his compassion and care for professional athletes whose careers were based on physical well-being. Dr. Nicholas was our "Go-To Guy."

- Rod Gilbert, New York Rangers / NHL Hall of Fame
Joe Namath

I have had the good fortune to have been associated with the Nicholas family for over 50 years, since Dr. Jim Nicholas attended to me prior to my rookie year with the New York Jets. The creative skills, professionalism and dedication of Dr. Jim provided me the opportunity to extend my career long beyond my greatest expectations. Dr. Nicholas’ dedication to excellence is perpetuated in the person of my dear friend, Dr. Stephen Nicholas.

- Joe Namath, New York Jets / NFL Hall of Fame
ny orthopedics knee testimonial

I just wanted to write to say that this last weekend was the 1.5 year anniversary since my surgery with Dr. Nicholas, Jamie and Rocco. This summer I've biked around 1200 miles on that knee (almost the equivalent of Mexico - Canada) and while I may not yet be 100% (I reckon I'm at about 92%... I'll get there) there's probably not an hour that goes by when I'm on my bike that I don't think of their work and the work of the medical establishment in pushing the care and recovery of patients like myself. Thanks for continuing to push for excellence in the care of your patients!

- Daniel P.
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis x-ray

I'm 41 and at the age of 16 I was diagnosed with Stills Disease & Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was put on high doses of steroids which definitely helped, but combined with the arthritis a lot of damage was done to my joints. In 2001 (I was 27) I was told that I needed a shoulder replacement, which I didn't even know shoulder replacements existed. My insurance sent me to Dr. Stephen Nicholas who turned out to be a godsend. Over the course of 15 years, Dr. Nicholas has performed synovectomies on both knees & a shoulder and a few years later he replaced both shoulders, both hips, and both knees (which he performed simultaneously with his awesome colleague Dr. David Matusz). Dr. Matusz also performed a C-1 & C-2 neck fusion that was successful after a different surgeon had previously unsuccessfully operated on. Surgery is a very scary process to go through and these 2 surgeons held my hands & dried my tears throughout the entire process...all I can say is that Dr. Nicholas & Dr. Matusz are not at all like your typical surgeons. They care! They are involved from beginning to end... I have had so many amazing doctors over the past 25 years, but Dr. Stephen Nicholas & Dr. David Matusz stand out as two of the very best. I can only hope that if anyone reading this is facing some sort of medical crisis in their life, that they can find a doctor like Dr. Nicholas or Dr. Matusz. They are exceptional in not only their "doctoring", but they really care...and that is something I'll always be grateful for.

- Samantha R.
knee surgery testimonial

I had a surgical procedure as an outpatient at Lenox Hill Hospital on February 10, 2016 and I must say it was a most positive experience from start to finish... The aides, the nurses and physician assistants could not be more efficient and kind - they took my vitals, marked the appropriate knee for surgery and explained in detail what the procedure entailed... The surgeon Dr. Stephen Nicholas was like a miracle worker. I was barely able to walk and was in excruciating pain when I walked in. I walked out using a cane and without assistance and within 48 hours was pain free (only 200 mg of ibuprofen) and walking with a cane but needed no assistance. Friends and neighbors are astonished by my recovery and more amazed that my surgery was done so well at Lenox Hill, since they all assumed I had it done at the Hospital for Special Surgery. I am now going to physical therapy at NISMAT and again professional wonderful staff. Your whole team works together with kindness, professionalism and efficiency making the whole patient experience most positive.

- Mary Lou H.

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